Market Research

Whatever the method, it’s all about gathering new insights to better understand your customers, staff, business problem or whatever else you need to know more about. I’ll be there every step of the way, from design and development to project management, data analysis and reporting.

Online surveys

Quantitative methods

Qualitative methods


I’m here to independently evaluate projects, programmes, events and services. I’ll help you understand what impact they are having, if they are making the difference you were expecting and whether they are meeting the requirements of your funders.

Plans and frameworks

Formative evaluation

Summative evaluation


Services in the public sector have been changing, whether they are being cut or just delivered in a different way. There’s often a legal duty to consult with those affected and with it a real risk of legal challenge and judicial review. I know what it takes to deliver high profile public and stakeholder consultations.

Best practice advice

Public consultations

Stakeholder consultations


There’s so much data at our fingertips these days. Government data sources. Web and social media analytics. Existing market research. I provide a range of analysis services to make the most of this data, giving big insights which can inform organisational strategy and decision making.

Profiling and trends

Mapping and visualisations

Advanced analysis techniques

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