Adam leads on quantitative research methods. Emma is your qualitative research expert. Whatever you need, in one place.

Research design

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Finding the right approach

We can help from the start, developing your research aims and questions with you and coming up with the right research methodologies: quantitative, qualitative or a bit of both.

Focus groups

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Start a discussion

We develop discussion guides and then expertly facilitate discussions between participants, whether that's in-person or online. We advise on and manage recruitment so we're speaking to the right people.

In-depth interviews

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Dig deeper

Typically these are one-to-one interviews and could be online, telephone or in-person. Explore opinions and attitudes in more detail, which is particularly useful for sensitive or complex topics.

Online surveys

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Efficient and effective data collection

We design and host professional, accessible surveys using specialist software. Our most regular online survey projects are staff surveys, resident surveys and audience surveys.

Online communities

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Bringing the best of remote qual

We bring together online communities, large and small, using a specialist platform. Start conversations with and between participants and set a range of research tasks and activities.

Desk research

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Let's see what's already out there

We undertake desk research using other data sources to develop area profiles, population health analysis, state of the sector reports and more.

Expert analysis

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We'll get the most from your data

We might apply statistical tests to compare response groups, weight data against your target population or create new variables and segments.

Research reports

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We find and tell powerful stories

We develop creative, visual and interactive research reports tailored to what you need using specialist reporting software.

Presentations and workshops

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Understand what it all means

We share the findings from our research with a range of different audiences through presentations, learning sessions and facilitated workshops.

Case Studies

NHS Alcohol Care Team: Making a difference with data

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