Frankly, Green + Webb is a research and design consultancy that specialises in helping cultural organisations to use digital in smart new ways.

They asked for my help to run a number of website and visitor experience surveys with clients including Imperial War Museums, Glasgow Museums and the RAF Museum. 

1. Discover

We kicked things off with a meeting at their office in Sheffield. What a great city by the way. 

Lindsey and Alyson talked through the aims of the research and then we explored what we needed to gather and how we were going to do it. A big focus was on exploring digital experiences, both through websites and in museums.

2. Develop

To get a full view of a visitor’s website experience, I use some specialist survey software which also captures data on how people use and interact with websites.

The surveys also needed to be designed so we could segment visitor audiences during analysis.

The design of the survey brought together the industry knowledge of Frankly, Green + Webb and my skills and expertise in survey design.

3. Gather

Once the survey is deployed on the museum website, the software does its thing. It makes sure the survey appears to a cross-section of visitors without being a nuisance, as whilst the research is important so is the user experience.

This method can be very effective. Depending on website traffic, we can collect thousands of responses in a week. 

4. Analyse

There’s lots of data to analyse, not just from survey responses but information on the website visit, such as the pages they visit and how long they spend on them.

The data is cleaned and organised. New variables or categories are created, including a segmentation around motivations for visiting the website.

Full cross-tabulation datasets (big tables cut different ways) are run to look at the data by different segments, demographics and other categories. Comments are coded into key themes.

5. Insight

The great thing about working with Lindsey and Alyson is they are digital and design experts and really understand the cultural sector. I work with them to identify key pieces of analysis which they then use to tell important stories and help guide the decisions that clients make. 

Usually I pull together a summary of key visualisations in charts and graphs to make findings and significant differences stand out. I also profile audience segments to understand how different people experience digital.

6. Action

This is where Lindsey and Alyson do their thing, turning insight into action.

It might be using the findings to do some further research, like telephone interviews or focus groups. Or it might be building a presentation or workshop around the findings.

Either way, we’ll usually have a final call to talk through the results and what we think they mean. It’s also another opportunity to identify any last bits of analysis we could run.

What they got from Pearson Insight

They get me. Well, sort of. They get my help. And that includes my skills, experience and software. 

I’ve been running surveys and quantitative research projects of all shapes and sizes for years. I can advise on methods and approaches, design the right questions and see it through to analysis and insights. 

I use industry-leading software so I can develop and host website experience surveys and then run powerful analysis with the results. We’re not just knocking these up on a free SurveyMonkey account.

And actually, they do get me. I try to be helpful. Keep them updated. Be there when they need me. Having the skills, experience and software is pretty useless if you can’t communicate or work as a team.

Adam is a pleasure to work with and has brought a level of expertise that has allowed us to improve both the efficiency and quality of our quantitative survey work.

Alyson and Lindsey

Frankly, Green + Webb

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