What happens when you hire me for your project? 

Lots of things, broken down into six steps that takes you from understanding what you need to how you can use the research to make a difference.

1. Discover

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What’s the problem?

I'll work with you to understand what you need and decide on the best approach. Once that’s in order, I'll identify the skills and expertise required and come back to you with a proposal.

2. Develop

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Let there be research.

Using your industry knowledge and my research skills and experience (a top combination), we work together to develop the research methods, agree on a timeline and set the project live.

3. Gather

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Roll up! Roll up!

I reach your audience using methods that work for them and your budget (online surveys, fieldwork, focus groups, interviews, etc). Then manage responses in a way that protects their data whilst keeping you fully in the loop.

4. Analyse

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The big sort out.

The research is in. Now it’s time to clean it, shape it, code it, segment it and even bring in experts for advanced analysis to make the words and numbers mean something.

5. Insight

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Making sense of it all.

I make sense of your research, using reports, dashboards, graphs and other data visualisation techniques so that you can easily understand what it’s saying.

6. Action

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Making use of it all.

I believe research is only as good as what you do with it. As part of the project debrief, I'll explain what it all means and how you can use the research to make a difference.

Just wanted to say thank you for delivering on time and budget yet again. Your flexibility is always appreciated. Thanks again.

Rob Dobson

Head of Policy and Engagement, Burnley Council

Latest projects

  • NHS Volunteer Responders evaluation in Lancashire and South Cumbria
  • Insight for Change survey partner with Frankly Green + Webb - working with IWM, Science Museum Group, National Museums of Scotland and more
  • Research design and analysis for the Annual Museum Survey with Bristol Culture

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