Privacy Notice

Who we are

Pearson Insight is a research company based in Lancashire. We carry out a range of research services for our clients, including market research and community surveys. It’s really important we take the data we work with seriously.

This Privacy Notice sets out when and why we collect personal information, how we use it responsibly and what we do to keep it safe and secure.

Pearson Insight is fully committed to meeting the expectations not only of the General Data Protection Regulation but also industry-recognised standards such as the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

Types of data we collect 

We collect information though online surveys as well as other market research methods such as by post, telephone or face-to-face. There are also times when we might collect information at focus groups, workshops or engagement events.

We always ensure that we only collect personal data that is relevant and necessary to the survey or project we are working on. Personal data includes your name, address, home postcode, email address or telephone number. It can also include information about your age, gender, health, ethnicity, religion or other ‘socio-demographic’ information.

All our surveys are optional to complete so you can simply choose not to share information with us that you’re not comfortable with.

To ensure our online surveys are reliable and robust we may limit one response per computer/ device by capturing an IP address. This is never used for analysis purposes. See ‘data security and processing’ for more on how we keep data secure and process it responsibly.

How we use data 

We use the data we collect to undertake analysis and produce reports for our clients. Our reports only provide analysis at a broad category level based on all the responses to a particular survey. Any comments received in our surveys will be redacted of clear personal information before being shared with clients.

Occasionally, depending on the project, we may use personal data to notify someone if they win a prize draw or to undertake quality checks on the research process.

It will always be clear in our surveys how we will use the information you provide.

Sharing data

All projects and surveys we deliver for clients are bound by a contract which covers data sharing. This clearly and legally sets out who we will and won’t share data with, as well as how we share it securely and responsibly.

Occasionally we may work with other organisations or consultants to deliver a project or survey. In these instances, we will have a contract in place to control the sharing of data.

There can be times when we need to disclose personal information without consent. This would include a requirement by law or if it is to protect someone’s safety.

Data security and processing

Keeping data secure and processing it responsibly is really important to us. We have a range of clear policies and procedures in place to do this.

All data we work with is processed and shared within the UK. We are proud to use British systems, software and providers. If in the future we needed to share or transfer data outside the EU then we would update our Privacy Notice and get the appropriate consent.

We use Snap Surveys to host our online surveys and you can find out more about their data policy and security in their Privacy Policy.

We also use Qualtrics online surveys. You can find out more about their data policy and security in their Privacy Statement.

We sometimes work with clients to help them get feedback on their website. The data we might collect for these projects includes basic site experience metrics such as pages visited, unique page counts, total page count, time on site, page referrers, site referrers and use of existing cookie data. This data is never used to identify individuals or used for any other purpose. Any website feedback survey will explain the purpose at the outset and ask for your consent to continue.

We don’t keep data and information any longer than we need to. For all projects and surveys we complete for our clients, we keep personal data on file for one year before deleting and destroying it in accordance with our retention schedule.

Use of cookies

We collect information on how people use the Pearson Insight website through Google Analytics cookies. We use these cookies to ensure that we give you get the best experience on our website and to improve the website’s performance. These cookies contain no personal information and are only used for web analytics.

They are:

Name: _utma
Typical content: randomly generated number
Expires: 2 years

Typical content: randomly generated number
Expires: 30 minutes

Name: _utmc
Typical content: randomly generated number
Expires: when the user exits the browser

Typical content: randomly generated number, plus information on how the site was reached (for example, directly, via a link or through organic search)
Expires: 6 months

Name: _gat
Typical content: This is used to reduce request rate
Expires: 10 minutes

Name: _ga
Typical content: Randomly generated used to distinguish users visiting the site
Expires: 2 years

Access to personal information

Throughout any surveys or research we undertake, participation is always voluntary and we will clearly ask for consent and set out its purpose.

However, you are entitled to view, amend or delete the personal information that we hold. If you have an access request then please email

If you have a complaint about how your personal information is processed then you can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Changes to this Privacy Notice 

We keep our Privacy Notice under regular review. This was last updated on 13 May 2019.