I’ve spent most of September in a top-of-a-massive-water-slide state of mind, where your knees are knocking as you're plucking up the courage to go for it.

I had to pluck up the courage to enter my bank details for a ridiculously expensive pair of running shoes. They'll be well used and should benefit my running, but I had to continually tell myself that before taking the plunge. I also knew what my wife would (justifiably) say: that a 40 quid pair of trainers could do the same thing. 

When they arrived, I had to pluck up the courage to tell my wife that I’d just paid £180 for trainers. I hid them in the garage for a day while I did that. But I did do it… on my way out of the door while wearing headphones so as not to hear the expletives.

And earlier in the summer I plucked up the courage to join a running club. Somewhere to really put my shoes through their paces. I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while but was always a bit intimidated by the thought of not being good enough, not knowing what I was doing, not fitting in. Like I was all gear, no idea. Cool shoes, no clues.

Those thoughts proved to be ridiculous. Of course they did. They always do.

I joined the running club and everyone is lovely. And now I have the option of running on my own if I want to. Or running with the folks from the running club, socialising and improving by learning from people with more experience.

I’ve found the same thing with freelancing. Sometimes it’s scary to join a network or mastermind group. But the benefits of being around people who share what they know and push you on are always worth it.

Plucking up the courage is only you convincing yourself of what you already know is right. Go for it. Then put your headphones on and run out of the door.  

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