Earlier this year I bought a pair of running shoes that were so expensive I hid them in the garage for a full 24 hours while I plucked up the courage to tell my wife. They’re one of many running purchases I’ve made to help push me that little bit further.

That’s always been the mentality I’ve had when running. Push harder and go faster, every time.

But I’m learning that’s not always the best approach. Going hell for leather on every run isn’t practical or sensible. It can lead to feeling burned out and getting injured.

So recently I’ve been listening more to my body and forcing myself to slow down. It’s hard to hold back sometimes but for the fast runs to be fast, I need slow runs and recovery days to mentally and physically recharge.

It’s the same with work. You can’t have days where you work full-on for eight hours and get loads done if you don’t have days where you tick along and take it slow.

Try not to feel guilty about the days when you feel you haven’t done enough (or anything at all). They’re helping you go a bit faster on a different day.

Introducing Gavin

This month is the first instalment of a silly mockumentary parody blog I’ve started with copywriter Gareth Hancock.

It follows long-time office-based public sector researcher Gavin Peacock on his journey into the world of freelancing.

It’s day one and Gav is adjusting to life working from home... 

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Freelance soundtrack

A Christmas song you may not have heard on the radio or Spotify festive playlist.

And that’s it for 2020. I’ve kept it light so you can get away and do your own thing.

Thanks for showing up every month to read my ramblings. I hope you’ve got some use out of them. It’s been a weird year, so the fact you open these emails when there’s a chance they could make things even weirder means a lot. 

If you’re celebrating Christmas and New Year, have a good time doing both. If you’re not, I hope you manage to squeeze in a bit of a rest. You’ve earned it.



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