So, the newsletter had the summer off. It wasn’t a conscious decision. It just kind of happened.

I’m not going to roll out the ‘I’m busy’ line. We’re all busy. We’re all dealing with our own stuff.

But I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to over the last couple of months.


Earlier in the year I joined forces with Emma, another freelance researcher, rebranding as PS Research. We’re keeping busy and so far so good.

I’ve really noticed how the quality of my work has gone up with a second pair of eyes and someone to bounce ideas off. And work is just more enjoyable with someone to talk to, share the wins with, have a little moan to…

We thought it was a good idea to bring together quant and qual research into one offer, but you never know. If these first few months are anything to go by, we might be onto something.


If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while, you’re probably used to me oversharing about my running.

So I thought you might want to know that I ran 50 miles in July. In one go. Around the Lakes. For ‘enjoyment’. And paid for the privilege.

Parts of it were really enjoyable. Parts of it were horrific. Things seemed a bit better after cake and jelly babies. Until I crashed again. Then I wanted to give up.

But a friend turned up at the right time and we got to the finish line together.

Running our own race but helping each other through it. A bit like freelancing really.


Now this is definitely oversharing. I’m having a little girl! She’s due at the beginning of January.

It’s been a long time coming. We’ve been trying for years but it wasn’t happening. At the same time, everyone around us seemed to be having babies at will. Big announcements. Increasingly elaborate (and unnecessary if you ask me) gender reveals. Cute toddler photos left, right and centre. I know how it felt seeing all the social media stuff. Being honest, sometimes it was the last thing I wanted to see. I didn’t want to add to that noise.

It can be the same with work. When I’m having a quiet spell or things aren’t going to plan, it can be tough seeing all the business babies people are having. Even when you’re happy for them. 'Growth journeys'. Big clients. How busy and in demand they are. There’s a balance to strike when you’re running a business, of course. If you’re not going to shout about you, who is?

So yeah, I’ve been pretty quiet on Twitter and thought I’d share here instead. (Obviously family and close friends already know, I don’t make them wait for the newsletter…)

Also. If you need me in January, I’m afraid I’m taking the month off.