*Applications for this role have now closed*

Role: Research Internship

Pay: £10 per hour (Voluntary Living Wage)

Hours: 22.5 hours per week (days flexible)

Contract: 12 months fixed

Location: Flexible working / Office in Colne, Lancashire

About Pearson Insight

I’m Adam and I run Pearson Insight, a freelance research agency for the public, cultural and not-for-profit sectors. 

I mainly work with local authorities, other public sector organisations (like Fire & Rescue and the NHS) and museums.

They hire me to find out things through research, which helps them to make better decisions. It could be anything from running surveys with staff and residents, to digital audience surveys on social media and websites, or analysing datasets they've already collected. 

When I say a freelance research agency, this basically means that sometimes I do work on my own using fancy software, and sometimes I get help from freelance specialists. Either way, clients get everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Things are going alright. I won a UK award for my freelance business. And Pearson Insight is recognised as a Company Partner by the Market Research Society (the leading industry body for market research), reflecting the experience I have and standards I work to.

Want to know more? Have a look around my website.

Why am I hiring?

It’s just me at the moment and I’ve got lots on.

I think what I do is really interesting, and I want to keep helping as many clients as I can.

To do that, I need some help. Hopefully that’s where you’ll come in.

I’m looking for someone to help me:

  • Deliver research projects of all different shapes and sizes
  • Design, set up and run surveys using specialist software
  • Clean, process and analyse survey data
  • Design charts, graphs and other data visualisations
  • Write research reports
  • Develop proposals and quotes for new projects
  • Support clients, from giving project updates to answering questions
  • Work and collaborate with other freelancers and agencies
  • Contribute to marketing with blogs, website updates and case studies
  • Admin (because if I have to do it, so do you)

That’s what I need, but what’s in it for you?

I want to make this work for you.

There’ll be a desk waiting for you at my office in Colne. But I’m all for flexible working. So if you want to work from home, that’s fine by me. Personally, I like a mix.

I’m advertising for 22.5 hours a week. In my head that’s 3 full days a week. But as long as we’re delivering what we promise for our clients and available when they need us, I don’t mind when you work those hours. 

We’ll agree how it’s going to work between us.

Other benefits include:

  • I’ll pay for you to go through an industry qualification. And I’ll give you a week off (paid) to revise for and sit the exam at the end. (You’ll have to do the rest in your own time, but you get a recognised qualification that’s yours at the end of it, so it’s not all bad.) 
  • Statutory annual leave, plus bank holidays. I’d like to fix a week of your leave so we can close the office over the Christmas period (if schools can do it, we can too).
  • You’ll be offered the usual employee benefits like a pension and maternity and paternity.
  • I’ll throw in an additional 2 days paid leave each year to volunteer in your local community. Or you can come along with me to help out at some local schools.
  • Dress down Friday. And Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Unless we have a client meeting. 
  • I have 2 cocker spaniels called Fred and George (yes, the Weasley twins) who you’ll probably meet from time to time. If that’s not an employee benefit, I don’t know what is.

What exactly am I looking for?

What’s important 

(Sometimes called ‘essential criteria’)

  1. You’ve got a good all-round set of skills which can be applied to research - this might be through a degree, other qualifications, on-the-job or self-taught.
  2. You are comfortable with numbers and words – this is pretty important for research, you might be dealing with big datasets one minute, then writing survey questions or a section in a report the next.
  3. You can listen and learn – I don’t expect you to know everything as I’ll be there to help you, but I need to know you’re capable of listening to others, taking things on board and then applying them. 
  4. You can use online platforms and software packages – I use various software packages and online platforms to deliver my services and manage my business. I’m not going to list them but I need to know you’ll be capable of picking these up and getting the most out of them. 
  5. You have a general understanding of research – I don’t expect you to be a research expert. But you need to at least know what research is and the role it can play.
  6. You have experience of doing some research – this might not be in a dedicated research role, but you should have applied some research skills, whether it’s running a survey, analysing some data or doing some secondary research.
  7. You’re able to communicate with people – you don’t need to be an extrovert (I’m not), but you need to be able to write emails, speak to people every now and again and keep me updated on projects you’re working on. 
  8. You’re able to work with other people – you’ll have to work with me on a daily basis and you’ll regularly be working with clients and freelancers.
  9. You’re reliable – I run a business and I like working with my clients. They seem to like working with me because I’m organised and hit deadlines. So I’ll need you to be organised and meet any deadlines we agree too. (Or at least keep me posted if things change)

What’s a bonus

(Sometimes called ‘desirable criteria’)

  1. You live in Pendle – I’m proud of where I live and want there to be more opportunities for local people in careers we don’t usually see around here (I don’t know of many research jobs in Pendle). Don’t worry if you’re not though, I mentioned earlier that I’m up for flexible working.
  2. You have some skills or experience I didn’t even think I needed – I don’t know everything. You might spot an opportunity to help me do things better, whether it’s using technology, applying different research methods or improving my marketing.
  3. You like dogs – I’m not going to hold it against you if you don’t. But how can you not like these faces?

Interested? Here’s how to apply

I just need to know a bit about you, your experience and what makes you a good fit for the role.

This can be in whatever format you like. A traditional CV. A LinkedIn profile. Examples of your work. Long-form email or written form. Slidedeck. Video. A combination. I really don’t mind.

The main thing is you can demonstrate you have skills and experience that relate to what I’ve said I’m looking for.

Just send it to adam@pearsoninsight.co.uk by 31 July 2020 at 5pm (BST)

Then what?

Assuming I receive some applications, I’ll start by reviewing them to make sure I can see the important stuff I’m looking for (9 key points listed earlier). Hopefully I’ll have a nice shortlist.

Then I’ll arrange some video calls with everyone I’ve shortlisted to ask a few questions (and you can ask me some too).

And if someone still wants to work with me after that I’ll arrange a final interview. This might even include some kind of challenge.

I say challenge, we’re not talking about the Crystal Maze here. It’s more likely to be a couple of exercises linked to the role so you have a better idea of what exactly I do.

I’ll be in touch with everyone who applies, whether you’re shortlisted or not. The least you deserve is a bit of feedback.