“We’ll get beat tonight with Southgate in charge, convinced 100%”

This is from a group chat I'm in, hours before England beat Germany in an international competition for the first time since 1966.

There were also a lot of comments about personnel and tactics.

“Back 5 with 2 holding midfielders 😴

“Think I’d rather watch Love Island than the way we’re going to play”

And you can imagine what everyone thought during the Scotland game.

It turns out Southgate knew what he was doing though. He clearly has a plan for every opponent and stuck to his guns.

He switches off to the media criticism and fan pressure.

But he wasn’t doing it on his own. He was still listening.

He has a team of trusted staff to turn to. Experienced coaches seeing things in training. A physio monitoring the condition of his players. An analyst providing him with key performance data. Other managers he’ll pick up the phone to for advice. A wife to talk to when he’s had a tough day.

Whatever you do, you might get a lot of well-meaning advice from people suggesting you do things a certain way. And then there's all the online noise about the best approaches, what works and what doesn’t.

But in most cases this will be based on their experience, not yours. You've got to work out what's best for you and your situation.

If you believe in something, turn to your trusted team for advice (you’ll know who they are) and go with your gut.

Just like Southgate did.