Image shows Adam Pearson.

I’m not the only freelance researcher around. And Pearson Insight isn’t the only research agency around. 

But I (we) might be the right choice for you... 

What is a freelance research agency?

I’m a freelancer. But Pearson Insight is an agency. Or it can be, if that’s what you need.

If it’s a small job that can be handled by one person, you’ll work with me – Adam the freelance researcher. If it’s a job on a larger scale or that requires additional expertise, you’ll work with Adam, freelance researcher and project manager heading up a team of specialist freelancers. 

You tell me what you need, I dip into my network to build a team that can do it.

How this benefits you

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

I take the time to understand your needs and pull together freelance specialists based on your project. If the project grows, the team can grow. If you need to scale back, the team scales back. No one is ever there for the sake of it.      

The best people for your project

Freelancers are freelancers because they’re great at what they do. They wouldn’t get work otherwise. Every freelancer who works on your project is an expert in their field.     

More for your money

With a team of freelance specialists working together remotely, you’re only paying for the expertise. This means no overheads for a big, well-heated and brightly lit office with lots of staff added onto your quote. 

You only ever work with me

You hire a freelancer for the personal touch. So, no matter how large or complex the project gets, it’ll always be me meeting you in person, chatting to you on the phone and replying to your emails. Lucky you, eh?

Image shows Adam Pearson with his dogs, Fred and George.

A bit about me...

I’m Adam. 

You knew that already. I’m a freelance researcher for the public, cultural and not-for-profit sectors.

I’ve mentioned that already too. 

Here’s something useful I haven’t mentioned:

I set up my freelance business in 2018 after nearly a decade of doing research in the public sector. A good few years of which were spent managing an in-house research agency.

And something else:

Since turning freelance, I’ve helped numerous clients make better decisions by delivering big insights on not-so big budgets.

I’m also involved in local and freelance communities, sharing my knowledge of research and experience of freelancing. I enjoy speaking in schools about self-employment and supporting important causes.

I’m on a roll now. 

Here’s more: 

I live in Pendle on the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Useful if you’re looking for a researcher in any of those places. 

Freelancing is going well. In 2019, I was presented with the IPSE New to Freelancing Award. Useful if you’re putting your trust in someone to head up a team of freelancers.

I like dogs and enjoy running and... actually, that’s probably enough.  

Want to know more?

How do I work? Where’s Pendle? What are those handsome dogs called? All questions I can answer.

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